Common Questions and Answers

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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS BY PROSPECTIVE TRUCK DRIVERS   We always have common questions here are a few of them. as always feel free to call with any questions 801-266-9322 x 123   Where do you run? We have drivers that run regional (11 Western and California to SLC.) We Also have direct lanes going to TX,…

Tips for New Truck Drivers

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You have just begun an exciting career as a truck driver and are learning the ropes of the trade. Since you’ll be spending many adventurous hours on the road, it is wise to know what can be done to stay safe, be efficient, and have fun along the way. Here at James H. Clark, we…

How Do I Know if Truck Driving is Right for Me?

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Imagine driving a big rig across the desert with a beautiful pink sunset in the distance. You are listening to your favorite music, accompanied by your beloved dog, and snacking on a new flavor of sunflower seed. Your destination is a place you have never visited before and when you return home, you will have…

Finding the Right Trucking Job

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A career as a trucker is appealing to many people for a variety of reasons including the opportunity for adventure, the potential to make good money, and the serenity and relaxation that comes from spending hours on the road. A major factor that plays into your experience as a trucker, is the employer you choose…