From frozen and refrigerated goods to dry truckload transportation, we have been providing excellent trucking services to our customers for 95 years. Trusted by Fortune 500 companies because of our commitment to quality and dependability has allowed us to outperform our competition and provide our customers with strategic and personalized solutions for their transportation needs. We are proud of our history and accomplishments and work hard every day to maintain the highest standards in all of our services.

Frozen and Refrigerated Transportation

The specialized requirements of frozen and refrigerated transportation of your products must be addressed through following best practices. Our experienced drivers understand and comply with FSMA rules and regulations from the FDA to consistently bring your valuable goods to delivery docks safely, securely, and in a sanitary condition.

Regulations and safety requirements can be complex, and we understand the importance of maintaining training for all of our drivers. Under the guidelines of the Sanitary Transport Rule, we make sure procedures for proper handling,and the prevention and recognition of contamination, are instilled in the daily practices of our team. This knowledge facilitates the safe transportation of your frozen and refrigerated products.

Our business operations include:

  • Temperature-control monitoring by TracKing Satellite systems
  • TK Tracking for load temp history, record-keeping, and geo fencing
  • Top-notch equipment maintenance and warranty to ensure dependability
  • Clear communication channels throughout the cold supply chain
  • EDI reporting, load tendering, acceptance, loading and delivery statuses

Dry Truckload Transportation

With over 100 power units in our fleet, we have developed optimal efficiency in shipping practices to cater to your needs at the highest level of professionalism. With a reputation of integrity and results-driven performance, we continue to deliver high-quality dry truckload transportation services day after day. This type of consistency is crucial to the success of your business and is gained from our strong collaborative effort within the company to adhere to protocols and connective strategies.

As a customer of James H. Clark & Son, Inc., you can expect:

  • 53’ x 102” space saving Trailers for your personalized shipping needs
  • 45,500 lbs. of Cargo capacity
  • Order tracing from start to finish for comprehensive management services
  • Reliable and responsive customer service
  • Processes to promote on-time performance standards

Our Utah trucking services work to increase throughput for our customers while helping to minimize costs. This keeps freight flowing quickly and functions to elevate your profits. Through strategic management on our end, you can expect to optimize your distribution network and still keep your focus on your core business practices.

Do you want your goods hauled on time and in good shape without having to micromanage your trucking services? Choosing a company with decades of experience and a proven record of delivering success to your door will give you the confidence you need. Our team is here for you

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