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A career as a trucker is appealing to many people for a variety of reasons including the opportunity for adventure, the potential to make good money, and the serenity and relaxation that comes from spending hours on the road. A major factor that plays into your experience as a trucker, is the employer you choose to work for. Here at James H. Clark, we pride ourselves on providing competitive compensation, flexible hours, and a dedication to the betterment and appreciation of our drivers. Now that you have succeeded in finding the right trucking job, here is what you can expect from us.

1. The Right Job is Profitable

Working as a trucker, you have the ability to make good money doing something you love. If you are adventurous, enjoy driving, and have an itch to experience new places, a job as a truck driver is perfect for you. However, it is important to be profitable as well. This means you must work for a company that has proven success and steady profitability.

2. The Right Job Hires Dependable Dispatchers

The dispatchers of any trucking company play an important role. These crucial team players are essentially the backbone of an entire trucking operation. Their responsibility is to confirm that each driver has the correct cargo load and understands his destination and travel plan. Dispatchers work tirelessly to ensure each driver is on track to deliver his load promptly. Here at James H. Clark, our dispatchers have received extensive training so they can work together with our drivers as a synergetic team. We seek individuals who are friendly, patient, and thorough so we can make sure our drivers are never dealing with vague instructions or impolite personnel.

3. The Right Job Follows Safe Routes

There is nothing more discomforting as a truck driver than facing arduous routes that have to be strategically navigated. When coupled with inclement weather, drivers face increased dangers and their chances of delivering on time are hampered. The right trucking job will only assign routes that are safe, appropriate for the size and type of load, and conducive to productive transport time. We research our routes carefully and go to great lengths to ensure our drivers are comfortable with the itineraries they are assigned.

4. The Right Job Has a Clear Strategy

The trucking industry is competitive and the most successful companies are those with a clear strategy. This strategy and accompanying plan of action should be shared with every new driver at the beginning of training. We want our drivers to be comfortable with our expectations and to understand our goals of being driver friendly and customer dependable.

5. The Right Job is One with Experience

At James H. Clark, we have been in business for 85 years. This experience has enabled us to understand what creates customer relationships and how to build trust. It has helped us to learn what drivers want the most from their employers. We have learned about the most efficient and safe driving practices and we have a successful record to prove it.

Finding the right trucking job is important so you can be confident and happy in your newfound employment opportunity. At James H. Clark, we are excited to make your expectations a reality.